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Vegas Palms Casino Online Craps

At Vegas Palms Casino online players can enjoy superb games of Craps, powered by Microgaming. They feature all of Microgaming's standard marks of quality including certified Random Number Generation, crisp and realistic graphics, generous payouts and smooth functionality.

European settlers first introduced this exhilarating dice game to America as a way for field hands to pass the time. American soldiers used it to keep themselves occupied in WWII and introduced the games to Las Vegas when they came home. Since then, Craps has continued to grow in popularity, in brick-and-mortar establishments and at casinos online. Today it's a player favourite at desktop and mobile casinos around the world.

The Come Out Phase

Whether you're playing in a land-based or online casino Canada, the rules of Craps remain the same. A pair of dice is thrown, and you need to bet on what numbers they will display. In land-based games players take turns to be the Shooter and throw the dice. At our casino, online results are created through Random Number Generation but the basic wagers are still described as betting with or against the Shooter.

Each game has 2 stages, known as the Come Out and Point Phase. During the Come Out Phase, placing a Pass Bet is betting with the Shooter and placing a Don't Pass Bet is betting against the Shooter. If an 11 or 7 is rolled the Shooter wins, and if a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled they lose.

If you placed a Pass Bet and the Shooter wins, so do you. In this scenario your Don't Pass Bet will lose. The opposite is true in the case of the Shooter losing; Don't Pass and Pass wagers win and lose respectively. After a 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12 is rolled, the round ends and another Come Out Phase begins. If any other number is thrown it is established as the Point, and starts the Point Phase.

The Point Phase

The wagers with and against the Shooter during the Point Phase are known as the Come and Don't Come Bets. There are 2 points; the 1 you established in the Come Out Phase and another 1 that you choose. The Shooter wins if they land either point and loses if they roll anything else.

If you've never played Craps at a brick-and-mortar, desktop or mobile casino before this can all seem quite confusing and many players feel a little overwhelmed. Once you start playing, you'll get familiar with the games quickly and will soon see that the rules are simple and provide irresistible entertainment.

Advanced Bets

At Vegas Palms Casino online Craps stakes are not limited to Pass/Don't Pass and Come/Don't Come wagers. You can also place Prop bets on specific events and numbers, as well as Big 6 or Big 8 Bets where you predict that a 6 or 8, respectively, will be thrown before the next 7.

There are other advanced betting options to discover, and they'll make your gaming feel more exciting. At our online Canadian casino you can try them out for free in our no-deposit mode, and once you feel confident with them you can place real money wagers and stand a chance to win our generous payouts.


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