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Play Baccarat at Our Canadian Online Casino

Baccarat is among the simplest, most sophisticated and best-loved games at the Vegas Palms Canadian online casino. Believed to be hundreds of years old, its popularity really increased as casinos became more widespread in Macau. This is where the version that you can play at Vegas Palms was perfected. Find out how to play here, and then try your luck in our desktop and mobile casino.

Playing Options

Canadian online casino players at Vegas Palms can enjoy the lightning-fast Punto Banco, Italian for Player Banker, variation of Baccarat. The 2 hands that are involved are known as the Player and Banker hands, which is where the game gets its name.


Winning Big in Baccarat

When the round is finished and both hands are standing, the Player and Banker totals are compared. If the hand that you backed wins you get a 1:1 payout, less 5% commission in the case of a Banker hand because those odds are slightly better.

Backing a tie gets you an incredible 8:1 return but be aware that the house edge for a tie bet is over 14%. If you want to place this wager, make sure you're feeling exceptionally lucky!

How Baccarat Works

Baccarat is unique among the card games at our Canadian online casino in that neither you nor the dealer makes any active moves. Player and Banker are simply the names of the hands. You have no control over the Player cards, and the dealer has no control over the Banker cards.

The dealer gives 2 cards to each hand, and all you need to do is predict the outcome. Will the Player or Banker hand be higher and so win the round, or will they tie? Aces and the other number cards are all worth their face value, and royal cards count as 0.

The hand total is determined by adding the cards together and then dropping the 10-unit value. For example, a hand with a 6 and a 5 is worth 1, not 11. With this system, the highest total in a land-based, online or live casino is 9. This is known as a Natural, and wins the round automatically.

The Player hand gets a 3rd card if its total is less than 5, and stands if it is 5 or more. Whether the Banker hand gets a 3rd card or not depends on various factors, such as if the Player hand was dealt a 3rd one. At our Canadian online casino we'll make sure cards are always dealt at the right time, so you don't need to worry about it.


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