The ultimate Halloween movie list

Over the years, even as early as the black and white movies with no sound, scary movies have been screened. This month is a good time to catch up on all of the scary movies that have been created over the years with my top ten list being as follows, in no particular order.

Hocus Pocus – this movie focusses on the story of three witch sisters who create terrible havoc in the town that they live. It is left up to two teenagers and a young girl and what seems to be an immortal cat to overcome the witches.

Hocus Pocus

Halloween – this is the classic movie for this time of year. In this movie, Michael Myers who was convicted and jailed in 1963 for the murder of his sister makes a reappearance when he escapes from prison and starts his murdering rampage again.


The Nightmare Before Christmas – this may not sound like a Halloween movie but it is. The King of Halloween wants to bring Christmas to his hometown where it has never been celebrated due to it being the Halloween town.

The nightmare before Christmas

Poltergeist – anyone watching this movie needs to either sit totally in the dark for the full effect or in fact sit holding onto a blanket or something for security. Ghosts speak from televisions in this movie that has to be one of the all-time scariest movies ever.


Young Frankenstein – played by the infamous and loved Gene Wilder, Frankenstein is a monster himself as he works on and creates different monsters that he soon loses control over.

Young Frankenstein

Practical Magic –this is an old yet effective movie that stars the young Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman working their comical magic on different people that they treat as specimens. This movie is far from modern but still, holds some of the tension and excitement of a Halloween movie.

practical magic

Edward Scissorhands – this is also not the scariest of movies, some may argue this is not a Halloween themed movie but for me it does it and there is also a human caring element to the movie.

Edward scissorhands

The Addams Family – one of the all-time classic movies and families that as a child I found very spooky but as an adult, I just enjoyed the comical side and strong characters in the movie.

The Adams Family

Beetlejuice – this is another comical Halloween movie that sees an obnoxious couple being hassled by a ghost that is employed by the dead previous owners of the house. It is a cute and fun movie.

Beetle Juice

Ghostbusters –whether watching the original or the new version, this has to be my all-time favourite. It is funny, scary, clever and just the best entertainment all round and I would definitely call Ghostbusters!


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