The most beautiful beaches

There are some stunning beaches around the world and all that you need to visit them is a good flight and some money, earned at the Vegas Palms Casino. Finding the best beach is a subjective matter, I personally prefer the quiet tranquil beaches where no one visits, other people may prefer a busier beach with eateries and more and others may prefer a beach where they can take their dogs to play.

The Best Beaches of the World

Playa Del Amor in Mexico is a very special location; it is not a standard beach. In order to get there, visitors must register with one of the tour companies that take people there. Only six people are allowed there at a time, it is through a natural cave-like structure and visitors need to be able to swim to get there.

Playa Del Amor – National Geographic

Lazy Beach in Koh Rong Samloem Island Cambodia is another beach that you need to travel to in order to reach; it can only be reached by boat. Most visitors come from Thailand by boat, about a two-hour boat trip, to visit this patch of paradise.

Lazy Beach – National Geographic

Shell Beach is part of Shark Bay in Western Australia and is on the edge of a UNESCO heritage site. It is filled with shells as the name of the beach suggests and in some places the shells are up to 30 feet deep, beautiful white shells that shine in the sun.

Shell Beach – National Geographic

There are two amazing beaches that are perfect for dog walkers, on two different continents. Carmel City Beach located at Carmel by the Sea in California is a pebbly beach that is perfect for dog walkers and there is even a special area dedicated just for the dogs. In the Netherlands at Noordwjk Bach dog walkers can find a stunning beach where there are also dog-friendly restaurants and places to rest with your pooches.

Carmel Beach – National Geographic

For something completely different check out the Pink Beach in Great Santa Cruz, one of the Philippines islands. This beach gets its name and colour from pieces of crushed red organic pipe coral that is mixed with the sand giving the gorgeous pink colour to the beach.

In Hawaii and also in Sardinia there are beaches that are populated not just with sand but also green trees giving the whole area a rustic natural feel where bathers bask in the beautiful scenery alongside walkers and runners that enjoy the fresh oxidized air.

Papakolea Beach – National Geographic

Each and every beach is special and different, it is up to you to decide which one you like and want to travel to.