Nature in All Its Beauty

The world is made up of beautiful places, some are manmade and some are pure nature. Beaches are part of the stunning nature given to us to enjoy appreciate and make the most of. Included in this nature there are incredible coastlines and beaches that can be seen around the world. The majority of the best beaches happen to be in the Caribbean but there are also some gorgeous beaches to visit in areas of Europe and South America.

The Number One Beach


The beach voted as the number one beach in the world for beauty and tranquillity and really just postcard perfect is on the small Tikehau Island that is part of French Polynesia. This small island can be reached from mainland Tahiti by catching a 30-minute plane ride. The island is small but it is considered to house around it the highest concentration of colourful fish in the world and it is a favoured destination for snorkelling and scuba diving at all times of the year.

Bali Beauty


Dreamland Beach in Bali is aptly named; it really is a dream where the traditional small café shacks and beachside bars from the 1970’s when this beach was discovered remain. The authentic look and feel of this clean cover have been maintained over the years and this is one of the most attractive points for the beach together with the fantastic waves that crash into the shore making it the first choice for many surfers.

The Long Seven Mile Beach


The Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman on the Cayman Islands is another favourite with tourists and locals thanks to its endless white sands. Visitors to the small island that is only 75 square miles in total enjoy endless walks along the stretch of beach that covers the whole length of the island. The climate here is very favourable and visitors enjoy basking in the sun at all hours of the day and night.

Big Island Hawaii


When talking about beautiful beaches the Big Island beach in Hawaii has to receive a mention. It does take a small hike down a steep cliff to get to this island but once there you will love the beauty of the Waipio Valley Beach where visitors are surrounded by Turquoise Ocean, white soft sand the green foliage of the trees and hills above.

Aegean Beauty

Fakistra beach

Lastly, among the best beaches, Europe has to receive a mention. The Fakistra beach in mainland Greece is a haven of turquoise waters surrounded by white sands and green hills. There is a steep walk down but once on the beach you will not want to leave. The warm waters of the Aegean Sea together with the natural beauty of the surroundings are perfect.